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    Hi all,

    I'm currently in the process of building out a new screener and scanner for stocks, crypto and forex. It is my dream screener that I've always wanted to have but could never find. Right now it's in beta (there is a early bird plan too, but free account avail) and I'm looking for feedback on it.

    What's special about it: You can filter stocks, forex and crypto all in one platform. There are also filters for patterns, indicators, moving averages trendlines ,etc as well as unique ones like "in subreddit", "niche category", and "in ETF". Also have price action analytics reports on popular technical events such as RSI hitting 30.

    Finally, once you get your results back it all comes back in individual charts where you can toggle your favorite indicators and emas / smas onto all of the stocks or open it into an expanded view

    Again, looking for feedback (and early support if anyone is interested)!

    edit: forgot link: https://hopium.ai

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