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Stockaholics Q3 2020 Quarterly Stock Picking Contest & SPX Sentiment Poll

Cy's official Stockaholics thread archives group.


How do you see Q3 2020 closing?

This poll will close on Jul 30, 2020 at 4:10 PM.
  1. Up.

    0 vote(s)
  2. Flat. (+/-1.00% or less)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Down.

    0 vote(s)
  1. bigbear0083

    bigbear0083 Content Manager
    Staff Member

    Mar 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Stockaholics Q3 2020 Quarterly Stock Picking Contest
    (Read this first post for the Q3 2020 Quarterly Stock Picking Contest.)


    Congrats to T.B.A. the Q2 2020 Contest Winner!

    *Link to the Q2 2020 Stock Picking Contest Thread*

    On to the next! The Q3 2020 Quarterly Stock Picking Contest starts at the opening bell on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020.

    If you want to be eligible to participate in this quarter's contest here is what you need to do (REQUIRED!):
    • 1.) Post 2 tickers (ex. AAPL = Apple) but YOU MUST pick 2 not just 1 or else I will not add you to our list of contestants!
    • 2.) Choose either Long or Short for each ticker (Obviously LONG = if you think it will go up ... or SHORT = if you think it will go down this quarter)
    • 3.) Both of your picks MUST each be at least $2 at the bare minimum! If you pick something that is under $2 then your pick will not count, and you will not be entered into this quarter's contest!
    • 1.) No OTC or IPOs.
    • 2.) No Futures, Forex, Indexes stuff like that... Equities ONLY that trade on the U.S. Stock Exchange!
    • 3.) If you don't post both the ticker AND the direction (LONG/SHORT) you won't be added to the list of contestants for this quarter's stock picking contest!
    • 4.) You cannot duplicate someone's exact play! For example- If someone picks AAPL - Long and BAC - Long first then you may only pick AAPL - Short and BAC - Long or AAPL - Long and BAC - Short <-- you may only duplicate 1 pick but not BOTH! This is a first come, first serve basis here!
    • 5.) Picks absolutely MUST be posted in here before the 9:30AM eastern time cash market open on the first trading day of the quarter!
    • 6.) You are NOT allowed to pick any leveraged ETFs/ETNs (2x/3x). If you choose one, it will not count. If incorrect picks go un-noticed, you risk your position being forfeited!
    • 7.) RATIONALE - You may post up a rationale (either technical or fundamental) for both of your picks but they are not required. This is optional for everyone. Members who do post up a rationale for their picks will receive an additional 2 points in the members leaderboard.
    • 8.) Please DO NOT EDIT your original post with your picks! If you absolutely must choose another pick, please use a separate post and state that you are changing your original pick to something else!
    • 9.) You may choose to close out one or both of your picks at any time during the trading quarter. PLEASE POST YOUR OWN CLOSING PRICE(S)! We will be using the intraday 1 minute closing price using the time stamp of your post on Stockaholics for when you closed out your pick. You will need to state which pick(s) you are closing out as well as the price & the time of when you closed out. I will be confirming that your closing price is correct by looking at the 1 min. intraday chart. If it is not correct, I will then post up your correct price and input that into the live spreadsheet. If you choose to close out after the trading day is finished (after the closing bell), you will then get the next day's opening price.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and if anyone sees someone else messing up, please correct them. Also, please look at your positions after I post the spreadsheets. I try to catch mistakes, in and out of my control, but need your help in making sure the information is accurate.

    Remember...the contest starts at the opening bell on Wednesday, July 1st!


    Click the button below to view the Q3 2020 contest spreadsheet-


    Click the button below to submit your quarterly picks via the Google Form-



    Click on the button below to view the Stockaholics 2020 Quarterly contest winners-

    Click on the button below to view the Stockaholics 2020 Quarterly contest winners spreadsheet-

    Click the button below to view the 2020 Stockaholics stock picking challenge leaderboard-

    Click the button below to view the 2020 quarterly stock picking contest members records-


    Quarterly Stockaholics SPX Sentiment Poll

    How will the S&P close out Q3 - 2020 (July - September)?

    This is a poll for Q3 - 2020 (July - September)
    Expires Wednesday at the opening bell on: 7/1/20
    Don't forget to click the "Vote Now" button! ;)


    Starting Point:

    **Starting point to be edited into this post after quarter close**
    *Link to Previous Quarterly Poll Thread*
    Don't forget to post your vote to be listed in the 2020


    Click the button below to view the 2020 Poll Member Voting Record Leaderboard-

    Results from Q2 - 2020 (April - June)
    2,584.59 (+/-0.00%)

    Stockaholics Voted

    Post your Vote!

    1) For purpose of the spreadsheet record flat is currently based on +/-1.00% or less. Of course, everyone can define flat any way they choose.
    2) Up, Flat, or Down must be clearly specified in a post in order to be listed in the spreadsheet, otherwise it'll be assumed that post was not intended to be a part of the official record.
    3) It's OK to post your vote if you missed the deadline after the poll has expired and if the market has not really moved that much or especially if your late vote is opposite or flat of the S&P futures ATM. It will be up to my discretion and obviously, the more active voters will be given more leeway.
    4) Starting and ending points based on official quarter ending close of the market.
    5) The primary goal of this game is to track our performance. You can consider it a contest or as a personal critiquing tool to better ones performance

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