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Bitcoin Auto Bots - Dust trades and the HFT connection..

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Forum' started by mjoke, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. mjoke

    mjoke New Member

    Feb 2, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Okay so, there are specific accounts in the blockchain which are signal accounts that turn on automated bots which were written for only btc trades,.. the hft market movers who flushed this item with all this money to cause the infamous rise and monetize this medium are the same ones who did the market manipulation and HFT spread paradigm on wall street. They have just moved to this and used it as their play toy, ... i don't know how many of you have done research into this but those infamous dust trades and other aspects are explained with this.

    Look for the few who really wanna read the article i did , its in Russian and the translation inst spot on but when i got done reading it, it made sense and while my own beliefs are that bitcoin is not as secure as its made to seem, why should good people who lose their btc due to an act of god essentially with no recourse? hence there is a back door, .. full disclosure, i lost 2 wallets due to a SSD RAID Failure, and would love to get them back, this occurred end of 2013 and is north of 10k btc.... sigh ....

    anyways ill post relevant stuff to support my rant here .. im tired so to be continued ... just curious what the thread sentiment is or are we all just blind and think its a virgin model still , which it was nice when it was hence the run 20k now its a bloated pig ready to slaughter, wheres the rabbi as it needs ot be kosher for some and blessed too ;) as the 1% (evilness twins and others) owns a good portion of this, and the companies you think are fair blockchain coinbase etc, well it must be nice to delete records from the chain or unable to decode addresses .. :)

    just dont think its not HFT proof or that the dust trades are innocent..
    im putting my koolaid down now... ps if there is any recover service or person who knows his stuff.. pm me. yes ive talked to all the well known poeple .....

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