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New Profile Posts

  1. bigbear0083
    REMINDER: U.S. Markets are closed on Monday, February 17th for President's Day!
  2. bigbear0083
    Welcome to February!
  3. bigbear0083
    Welcome to December!
  4. ESMac_Magnaye
  5. bigbear0083
    Closing the books on Q3! How is it already Q4?
  6. Gray Wolf
    Gray Wolf
    Join us in the Discord Live Chat anytime. Click Chat on menu bar to get started.
  7. pawel1979
    pawel1979 bigbear0083
    hello,i'm new to the trading.i have opened brent august oil position and cannot close it now.I was under the impression that I will have time until mid-july to close it.any idea why?please help
  8. StockJock-e
    Bitcoin top or what?
  9. StockJock-e
    RIP Gamestop
  10. ElectricSavant
    ElectricSavant bigbear0083
    Wow that was fast! Thanks
  11. ElectricSavant
    ElectricSavant bigbear0083
    How can i change my name from Michael Bolduc to ElectricSavant? I do not want my personal name posted on these public threads. I registered the wrong way. Do I need to open a new account?
  12. StockJock-e
    UBER IPO done!
  13. StockJock-e
    China tariffs keeping the pressure on
  14. StockJock-e
    AAPL pops on results +5% AH
  15. StockJock-e
    A Tesla car catches fire, stock drops. Conspiracy? :)
  16. bigbear0083
    Have a happy Easter weekend everybody!
    1. khosro likes this.
  17. StockJock-e
    NFLX recovering here
  18. bigbear0083
    Have a great trading week everyone!
  19. Steven_Burt
    Steven_Burt bigbear0083
    Hey Cy, Just a quick heads up, I will be out for 6-8 weeks. going to visit with some folks. I'll be back online when I get back. Happy trading!
    1. bigbear0083 likes this.
    2. bigbear0083
      Thank you for this heads up Steve! Well this is admittedly a bummer. Gonna miss ya around here bud. Have a good time and will catch up with you when you get back! :)
      Apr 8, 2019
  20. StockJock-e
    TSLA getting interesting yet?